Postpartum Transition Exercise Guide eBook




We will discuss all of the realities to consider when returning to exercise including your birthing experience, how your body has changed, how your body will change in the coming months, and the demands of motherhood. You will have a complete framework of guidelines and recommendations for understanding how and when to return to exercise and begin a weight loss program. The book begins with a timeline for childbirth recovery, postpartum health check, and warning signs to discontinue exercise. Goal setting, progress tracking and an overview of exercise during the first year postpartum are also included. Additional resources include how to check for Diastasis Recti, how to perform Kegels, and specific exercise and weight loss tips for breastfeeding mothers. You will have the tools you need to determine the best approach for starting your new fitness journey.

Over 30 double-column pages for 60+ pages worth of information!


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